Review by Blake & Amy of InStyle Event Planning San Diego Wedding Panner


“The Best Wedding Ever!” – Amy C

InStyle Event Planning

Bali Hai San Diego Wedding Planner InStyle Event Planning Shellie Ferrer

Review San Diego Wedding Planner InStyle Event Planning Shellie Ferrer at the Bali Hai

“The Best Wedding Ever!!!!!” – This is the statement that I happily continue to hear from many friends and family members about our 125 person wedding in early December.   This statement would not be possible without the wand-waving, magic workers at InStyle Event Planning!

Less than 2 months before our wedding, I realized that I was up a creek without a paddle and that I would need someone who has experience in planning weddings to carry me over the finish line.   In a panic, I searched the internet and stumbled across InStyle and decided to give them a call.  Within a few hours, Shellie was on the phone with me: listening to the obvious panic in my voice, calmly providing suggestions and continuing to tell me, “Don’t worry about it, we will make everything beautiful.”  Whew!  That was a load off my back when I heard Shellie utter that statement alone!!  In addition to carrying my wedding over the finish line, Shellie also played part therapist on the other end of the phone –  listening to me drone on about all the crazy drama that always unfolds when planning a wedding, taking my calls at odds hours, even talking to me when she went on vacation for her anniversary!  Aside from her wonderful “bedside manner”, Shellie also has the most infectious laugh – when she laughed, it made me laugh and the rapport that we developed so quickly made me relax about the wedding planning for the first time in 10 months! (word of advice: don’t wait this long to call InStyle!  Do it right away, after you get engaged!)

After our initial consultation on the phone, Shellie accepted the challenge of handling our wedding day-of activities.  Some, but not all, of these tasks included coordinating ALL the vendors for the day-of, coordinating ALL bridesmaids and groomsmen  (we had 20 people in wedding party!), handling ALL reception room decorations and executing an enormous lighting project that was involved in our outdoor, pergola covered ceremony space.  My vision for the entire ceremony and reception completely came to life through Shellie’s skill and perseverance.   She went above and beyond the call of duty by “laying down the law” when I had an issue with any vendor.  Bottom line, she was the perfect coach for my wedding day and she executed all the right plays at the right time!

I know I could not have had a better wedding and I will be forever thankful that InStyle gave me my dream day!!!

~Amy C.

Photography by Tree House Weddings


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