Hanchat Wedding – Private Residence – San Diego, California

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Newlyweds InStyle Event Planning San Diego Wedding Planner Shellie Ferrer

Newlyweds! InStyle Event Planning San Diego Wedding Planner Shellie Ferrer

The Hanchat wedding was held at a breathtaking Private Residence in El Cajon, California. We have done events at this residence before and always enjoy going back. With vast views of the City lights below it is the perfect place for entertaining.

The look of this wedding could not have been better for this perfect day in May. The décor was birdhouses. There were birdhouses in the centerpieces, lining the walkways, even hanging from the altar. The guest favors were little bird nests filled with chocolate eggs and placed at each table setting. It was truly beautiful how it tied in with the natural surroundings and their custom made blue and green linens.

The reception was set up in the back yard of the residence by the swimming pool. White lounge furniture was placed around the pool to give people the perfect place to sit and chat while enjoying their cocktails.

My main contact was actually the Mother of the Bride, and throughout the planning process I could tell how close this family is and how excited they were to be planning for such a joyous occasion. I also picked up on the fact that this family was very traditional…but the day of the event, they had a few surprises in store for everyone…including me! First off, after being pronounced husband and wife the DJ starting playing an instrumental version of “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. Loved that! Also, the Mother of the Bride had the most wonderful, personal toast. She wrote a story about the bride and groom from when they were children, how they met, began dating and would then be married that rhymed. It was truly thoughtful. You could tell that she had spent a lot of time putting it together. It was personal as well as entertaining! Then the big surprise came. The wedding party of 13 busted out Thriller! They recited it just as they did in the music video! It was the perfect kick off to a night filled with dancing, drinking and good friends.

Venue: Private Residence – San Diego, California

Guests: 150 People


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